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The exhibition is designed as a form of cooperation between the Event Organizer and Bumbu Desa Restaurant Renon in Denpasar Bali. The implementation is organized by FRIENDSHIP OF ART PRODUCTION cooperate with The exhibition is held as a form of social responsibility and gallery owner exhibition spaces such as malls, cafes and restaurants. In addition, the exhibition is an arena in which artists 'show' of their work as a form of moral responsibility and the profession to the public. Inside the showroom, could be in in-door and out-door, people will assess the ability of rich aesthetic works of art are on display already, or not understood by them (the community).

On the 'space' exhibition, Bumbu Desa Restaurant involved in an interaction between art, art lovers, artists and visitors to the restaurant or community. In the process of interaction needed a comfortable atmosphere for the community of art lovers. By eating a meal with friends, family and business relationships, the understanding of works of art will be more quickly absorbed and in turn will increase the public appreciation of works of art. Understanding the process is usually done by the curator, art critic, as well as by artists themselves, but basically the people themselves will be able to understand works of art as universal values. Thus, when the time comes, people will be more aware of the works of art they enjoy.

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