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The Bandung Contemporary Art Awards

The Bandung Contemporary Art Awards (BaCAA) is in the first place to stimulate the development of contemporary visual art in Indonesia, leading to a place on the international map. Attention will be given to furthering the participation of award winners in important art venues. Artists eligible for the award are young emerging talented artists who have exhibited artworks at established galleries, public art spaces, or new art spaces with clear programs.

Bandung Contemporary Art Awards #01 [BaCAA #01] has been successfully implemented leading to more visibility for the emerging artists selected as the finalists. The winner BaCAA #01 had received the award of 100.000.000 rupiah. Each of the three other best selected artists had experienced or is experiencing new environment and new s as part of his/her award that enrich his/her artistic life. One went to Venice Biennale in May-June 2011, another one is taking an artist residency in Center for South East Asian Art, Passau, Germany 5 July – 2 October 2011, while the last one is having a studio project in Berlin, Germany.

ArtSociates under the Foundation AB now announces BaCAA #02 to be executed in the year of 2011/2012. The award for the best artist will be given in April 2012 and the other three bests to be allocated within 1 year after the announcement of the award. ArtSociates will organize the exhibition of artworks selected as finalists. In this second year, the awards are still given to emerging Indonesian artists. The awards will be developed further to include International artists and so to let Indonesian artists and artworks participate and compete at an international level.



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