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Hello Balio! :)

How are you? I have exciting music news for you!! My band just released a new album, on July 31st, called "Vague Souvenir"!! Have you heard about it already?? This new album is a unique and intimate journey consisting of 14 transits, including my band's own compositions as well as interpretations of various soulful songs, which have been significant and defining for us. It also includes French poetry songs, excerpts of my first poetry book!! And just so you know...the artwork of this new release, as well as many elements of its content, were inspired and crafted by a very good friend of mine, from Japan!! :)

Since I can't wait for you to know more about this new project of mine...I suggest that you click on the link below to get the full overview of this new album...Hoping that you enjoyed the preview you had...through the free download of "Turn The Dirt Over" I sent your way...a little while ago! Believe me...there is much more to discover in "Vague Souvenir"...And by the way, you can stream the whole album on this website, read the lyrics and also order your own hard copy!! So hurry up and check the details about this new album!

Since music has no boundaries...I hope that "Vague Souvenir" will reach you all the way in Japan, and accompany you in this refreshing and colorful season of life!! Now, write me back at anytime and keep me posted about your plans for this fall! I look forward to hearing from you!!! ;)

All the best!! :)


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