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画像動きのカガク展ーExhibition "Motion Science"

21_21 DESIGN SIGHT holds "Motion Science" Exhibition starting June 19, 2015.
As the exhibition director, we welcome creator Seiichi Hishikawa, whose corporate TV commercials and opening visuals for national broadcaster NHK's historical drama series are attracting enthusiastic attention from both Japan and overseas.

Motion design is a form of art that has brought "movement" to expressions. The techniques of motion design have helped to spread vehicle control systems, map applications, communications technologies and SNS, supporting our stress-free, convenient daily lives. They also enable dynamic depictions in products, graphics and video images, creating even richer expressions that appeal to our sensibilities.
Today's creators manufacture products utilizing cutting-edge technologies while employing engineering techniques as well. Various moving tools that are indispensable to our lives, as well as their mechanisms, have come about from a series of research and experiments carried out by designers, artists and corporations. Seeing one's idea take shape and begin moving - the genuine joy of witnessing such moments may be said to represent the enjoyment of creating itself.

Motion Science exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to touch and observe the power of expressions that "movements" bring about. By understanding and experiencing their structures, visitors are able to perceive the enjoyment of manufacturing, and to reassess the relationship between design and progress in science and technology.

The various "moving" works introduced in the exhibition created through collaboration with companies, creators and students, use familiar materials and tools, and are sure to fuel our imagination. And, visitors will be able to experience the mechanism of motion through animation produced by DRAWING AND MANUAL led by Seiichi Hishikawa, showing the fundamentals behind movement.

Title: Exhibition "Motion Science"
Date: June 19 - September 27, 2015
Closed: Tuesdays (Except September 22)
Time: 10:00-19:00 (Entrance until 18:30)
Admission: General \1,100 / University Student \800 / High School Student \500 / Junior High School student and under may enter for free



会場:21_21 DESIGN SIGHT 


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