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画像ウィレム・デ・クーニング《リーグ》1964年 ジョン・アンド・キミコ・パワーズ・コレクション©The Willem de Kooning Foundation, New York/ARS, New York/JASPAR, Tokyo, 2014D0668




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Willem de Kooning From the John and Kimiko Powers Collection

Willem de Kooning (1904-1997) ranks with Jackson Pollock as one of the leaders of Abstract Expressionism, which flourished in the United States after World War II. His work is distinguished by aggressive brushwork and a style in the interstices between figurative and abstract. The core of this exhibition is a group of paintings of women de Kooning created the 1960s that are now in the Colorado-based John and Kimiko Powers Collection, which boasts one of the finest collections of de Kooning’s work. These collection were donated to the Ryobi Foundation. The de Kooning paintings that Mr. and Mrs. Powers, who were on close terms with the artist, acquired might be described as an unknown collection: they have rarely been exhibited as a collection, and never before in Japan. In this exhibition, paintings from the John and Kimiko Powers Collection will be joined by oil paintings, water colors, and sketches by de Kooning from Japanese museums’ collections, for a total of about 35 works in all. Additionally, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, is lending a key drawing that was once owned by the Powers.Visitors are invited to enjoy this unprecedented opportunity to experience a significant group of paintings by an artist who was one of the leading figures in postwar American art.


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